President's Message

Dear Students and Friends,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our remarkable institution — St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi — the Catholic Colleges at the heart of the University of British Columbia.

For almost 70 years, St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi Colleges have been providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education. Whether choosing to study in our two-year Associate of Arts degree before transferring to a larger institution, completing a full Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Culture, or undertaking graduate studies or faith-formation work, our institution has created a space like no other that puts our students first and prepares them for whatever journey they wish to take.

We have dedicated staff and faculty that ensure that our students are never just a number. Our students benefit from individualized attention and participate in incredible opportunities that texture and enrich their time with us: from leadership and co-op opportunities to meaningful volunteering experiences, to service-learning trips and so much more. Here they are in classes of 20 or 30, rather than 200 or 300, so they are never lost in the crowd!

We offer outstanding courses in a multitude of disciplines, from Business to Communication, Science to Anthropology, Film, Theatre and more. Many of our students choose to do their full first or second year of university and then transfer to a larger institution, others complete their full educational program with us.

Either way, they remain part of a unique “family” that helps to build not just a rigorous academic experience, but a fully formed human experience, one that prepares them to succeed and thrive in the world at large.

Our colleges were founded by the Catholic Intellectual Tradition that gave rise to the very first universities in the modern world, and we continue in that tradition to ensure that education is open to all, is anchored in the most important principles of social justice and that values the dignity of the human person.

And so, to our future students: we can’t wait to meet you and to have you join our remarkable community.


Dr. Gerry Turcotte

President, Corpus Christi College Principal, St. Mark’s College




Corpus Christi College is a liberal arts school on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Our specialty is giving students the best start to their university studies by providing high-quality courses, dedicated faculty, and a proven student success program—all in a smaller, more personal academic environment—located on the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC), an internationally renowned institution.



Corpus Christi College is Jesuit-endorsed institution, sharing in a rich 2000-year old intellectual tradition with Catholic institutions around the world.

Shaped by centuries of Catholic education, Corpus Christi embraces the changing times while staying true to our core mission—educating articulate and creative lifelong learners, who, as servant leaders, will be prepared to take on the intellectual, professional, and social challenges of our times.

Students are not required to take religion courses, though a great variety are available, and we welcome students of all faith backgrounds. Whether you’re religious, nonreligious or searching for a spiritual home, we accompany you on your journey and help you lead a life of deeper meaning, belonging and purpose

Liberal arts education

Corpus Christi College offers courses in a range of disciplines such as arts, business and science, grounded in a liberal arts approach to education. The curriculum challenges our students to learn broadly and think deeply. Instead of training for one narrow career path, Corpus students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in any walk of life.

Students enjoy close faculty-student interactions. Faculty encourage students to think across disciplinary boundaries in innovative ways—inside and outside the classroom. Critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and effective communication: these are the tools that transform a collection of facts and figures into a way of understanding the world.

Students are not just learning with the goal of completing a degree or achieving a job—they are understanding how to learn for a lifetime.

True community

The close-knit community at Corpus Christi College offers so much more than the first two years of university.

University can often feel competitive and formidable but students and alumni will tell you that Corpus delivers a collaborative and caring environment. Dedicated staff, faculty and student support programs ensure students build connections that benefit them academically, socially, and professionally.

Beyond the walls of the classrooms, students are encouraged to give back to their other communities and make a difference in the world. Students take courses on pressing social issues, earn leadership certifications, travel on experiential learning trips, and volunteer through a multitude of organizations.


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